As for our Community based CSR initiatives :

In October 2022, we sponsored 10 Scholarship Programs for Grade 5 students, where a monthly stipend will be paid to each of them until they complete their school education, but must be affiliated to the Peradeniya Agros 95 Alumni Association. The official ceremony was held at the CIC Seed Farm at Hingurakgoda.

In August 2021 , we sponsored the implementation of the Landscaping and Irrigation System at the Government Divisional Secretariat Office in Dambulla . This Government Institution administers the region that encapsulates our Dambulla Processing Facility.

In March 2021, we partnered with the Peradeniya Agros 95 Alumni Association (where our Director, Thushara Kudakumbura is the Vice President) to fund the purchase of School Uniforms, Books etc. for selected needy students in rural villages to further pursue their education.